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The most important aspect of my worldview is: the world is tractable. There may be aspects of our surroundings which we don't yet understand, but in principle, we can eventually ferret out the workings of anything to which we turn our minds.

Perhaps oddly, faith is one of the foundations of this position. I feel that God gave us the tools, perceptual and intellectual, to comprehend the world we live in. Unless you impute some perverse sadism there, the clear implication is that the tools we have are equal to the task.

A second guiding feature informing this position is drawn from my professional practice. Hideously complex processes reveal themselves, by slow torturous steps. From the microcosm of campus scheduling up to network traffic shaping on a national scale, we comprehend deeper and more thorny problems.

Another shaping experience was an epiphany in a classroom setting: Materials. It was the dictum: "Micro structure defined Macro properties". We draw inferences about how steel functions on the scale of feet and miles, from how it is assembled on the scale of atoms. In that statement alone, We reason across 15 orders of magnitude.

If we can do that, what can't we understand?


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